File boxes

Get more space out of your unit with shelving and file storage

Keep everything organize and maximize your space supplies available for rent or purchase

file shelves

Organize your belongings

When storing your items, it is important to keep everything neat and organized. Not only does this help maximize your space, but it also allows you to easily find everything. An easy and affordable way to organize your unit is with shelving.

Shelving is available in 3’ and 4’ by 8' sizes and are fully mobile to make the most of your space. Because everything is stacked high, you’ll get more space out of your unit. This can save you money over time because you may be able to rent a smaller unit to hold your neatly organized belongings.

Choose the options that are right for you

When you need shelving and file storage solutions, you can get quality products directly from us. You won’t spend a fortune on the products you need, and everything is all in one place so it’s more convenient for you.

Shelving and file storage options are available for purchase, or save money by renting during the duration of your contract. You won’t even have to worry about assembly – our experts will properly assemble and place your shelving for you.

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